War Games

  • Symbiosis
    Symbiosis 75%

    We always thought that aliens look like green humans with big heads and huge eyes. We cannot even imagine that aliens look like crystals. Hostile crystals that destroy everything on their sight. And only plants can defeat them. Symbiosis is an innovative game where your main objective is to destroy crystals using powers of your plants. Tons of upgrades, spells and achievements. 15 challenging levels. Have fun!

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  • Incursion
    Incursion 84%

    Darkness is on the way to enslave this lands and you have to stop it. 27 unique warriors will be available in your army. You will need to move them to where they're most useful at the moment!

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  • Stick War
    Stick War 93%

    Control your army in formations or play each unit, you have total control. Build units, mine gold, learn the way of the sword, spear, archer, mage, and even giant. Destroy the enemy statue, and capture all territories!

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  • Tesla Defense
    Tesla Defense 66%

    Need to defend your territory? A tesla tower may be what you're looking for. Climb in your electric tesla tower and get ready to deal some damage to your marauding enemies. Place your towers carefully to destroy the invaders before they can damage your tower. Harness the power of lightning and defeat them all! Each enemy unit destroyed earns cash, which you can spend on upgrades to help kill off even more enemies. It's the ultimate tower defense game, inspired by mad-science genius Nikola Tesla himself!

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  • Carveola Incident: 2118 AD
    Carveola Incident: 2118 AD 80%

    Carveola Incident: 2118 A.D. is sequel of addicting and challenging shooting game. 200 hundred years in the future, on a distant planet, the military once again is forced to fight against experiments from the mysterious organization!

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  • Notebook Wars 3: Unleashed
    Notebook Wars 3: Unleashed 100%

    Notebook Wars 3: Unleashed is another addicting and challenging hand-drawn shooting style action game. Prepare to enjoy the ultimate notebook destruction! Lots of new levels, features and gamemodes!

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  • Clash of the Worlds
    Clash of the Worlds 88%

    Clash of the Worlds is another addicting and challenging action packed fighting game. Defend your kingdom! Upgrade your army and fight against barbarian hordes!

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  • Carveola Incident
    Carveola Incident 84%

    The end of First World War. Sgt. Kirley receives orders to join a task force consisting of mixed allied and former enemy units. They are sent to investigate a strange sightings near a mysterious deserted trench line. There, Kirley and his men encounter their worst nightmares and are ordered to defend the trench at any cost. Play as Sgt. Kirley, defend the trench from incoming waves of zombies. Hold the line!

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  • Rambo the Revenge
    Rambo the Revenge 94%

    Rambo will take the revenge for the defeat in the last battle, this time he will face even more troops, can he take all of his opponents?

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  • Artillery Rush
    Artillery Rush 90%

    Discover the World War 2. Destroy as many enemy soldiers as you can. Blow up bridges, buldings, towers to complete each level. Try to earn as many stars as possible. Have fun!

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  • Carveola Files
    Carveola Files 81%

    At the end of World War 1, armies around the world were force to join together to stop zombie outbreak at Carveola. Now, 30 years later, that danger is here, again. Stop the zombie outbreak in this fast pace shooter. Have fun!

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  • Penguins Attack 4
    Penguins Attack 4 100%

    Penguins Attack TD 4 is sequel of addicting tower defense style strategy game. Those pesky penguins have returned yet again in a vein attempt to take over the world. Help restore peace to the land with an array of awesome weapons. Have fun!

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  • Hordes and Lords
    Hordes and Lords 89%

    Hordes and Lords is a real-time tactical war game with high quality graphics in medieval setting and unique engine that showing up to 200-300 units, with physics and effects. Have fun!

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  • Iron Ladies
    Iron Ladies 100%

    Iron Ladies is an addicting and challenging strategic action shooter. Help the Iron Ladies rule the battlefield in this real-time strategy game. Have fun!

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  • Pocket Creature PVP
    Pocket Creature PVP 66%

    Pocket Creatures PVP is a strategy style fighting game. Queen Juliet is corrupted by mysterious evil power and World of Pocket Creature has become a world of chaos, fear and slaughter! Again, you are the one to save this world!

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  • Apocalipseed
    Apocalipseed 100%

    Apocalipseed is another addicting and challenging strategy game. Create a strong army of mutant plants to destroy humankind. Destroy, defend or attack the enemy. Have fun!

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  • City Siege 4: Alien Siege
    City Siege 4: Alien Siege 87%

    The fourth installment of the City Siege franchise and the first to be set on another planet. Arm yourself with advanced units and lazer guns and take on the evil plants from this crazy world. After all they have valuable gems we need. Oh, and there are also some humans they abducted for you to save. Get out there and kick some alien-plant butt!

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  • Siegius Arena
    Siegius Arena 92%

    Siegius Arena is an action packed fighting strategy game. Blood will be spilt as you fight to the death in a series of arena battles. upgrade your gladiator and fight for your life. Have fun!

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  • NT Creature 2
    NT Creature 2 75%

    NTCreature2 is an epic action tower defense game with lovely graphic style! Raise your creature and build towers to defend against.Total of 28 creatures, 10 towers, and 6 different game mode! Each creature has unique attack and ability!

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  • Penguins Attack 3
    Penguins Attack 3 92%

    Penguins Attack TD 3 is sequel of addicting tower defense style strategy game. Once again the penguins have returned hell bent on world domination. Use all the weapons and cunning at your disposal to fend of these two tone tyrants once and for all!

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  • Monster Saga
    Monster Saga 90%

    Ovest is under attack by wild monsters. Become a monster trainer and freeing Ovest from Prof Mad Dog Lunatic. Features 24 Monster to collect and train, 20 Main Mission, 12 Side Mission, and many more features!

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  • Siegius
    Siegius 69%

    Walk the paths of the Roman Legion and the Gallic Tribes. As Caesar and Vercing, you'll lead your armies across various terrains to conquer your enemy. Individual units have unique skills, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. As you progress, you will discover spells that'll unleash devastating attacks on the battlefield. There is no turning back, the road to victory lies in front of you!

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  • Truck Wars
    Truck Wars 100%

    Gear up and choose your favorite four wheel war machine to race across the wildest terrain performing extreme stunts! Hop in the drivers seat and out perform all the other racers by destroying them. Don't forget to press the Z button when jumping off ramps to gain massive air!

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  • NT Creature
    NT Creature 100%

    Raise your creature and build towers to defend against the enemies! Eat enemies, evolve, and build towers to defend your main building. Can only build inbetween levels. Have fun!

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  • Cloud Wars
    Cloud Wars 92%

    Cloud Wars is an addicting and challenging strategic battle game. Lead your army of clouds to victory in this battle of the elements. Take control of all clouds on the play field to win!

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  • Penguins Attack TD 2
    Penguins Attack TD 2 88%

    Once again the penguins are waging war on the human race. Were not sure why, or who's funding them but one things for. They want to wipe us out! Unlock loads of levels, towers and upgrades to aid you in your mission to stop these squid scented scoundrels!

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  • Pocket Creature
    Pocket Creature 87%

    Pocket NT Creature is a strategy style fighting game. Build an army by selecting your favourite monsters and let them fight against enemy creatures. Buy new monsters, upgrade your team and complete all the missions to conquer the pocket creatures' world!

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  • Bots Strike
    Bots Strike 100%

    The Clan War has begun! Choose your Clan and declare a war for bring back your Dominion and Majesty. Use your strategy to build a resources and summon Robot armies and upgrade them to add more strength to fight. Defend your base and attack your enemy with your assault robot, sniper robot, missile robot, and rocket robot. Fight on desert, coast, forest, volcanic mountain, and the facility. Earn up to 115 achievements and much more!

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  • When Penguins Attack TD
    When Penguins Attack TD 100%

    Save the human race from the onslaught of the war-mongering penguin army! Build towers on the most strategic places, try to make a maze of towers so no penguin will pass to the other side. Have fun!

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  • Magic Defender Level Pack
    Magic Defender Level Pack 83%

    The Gummy enemies are back! In this new adventure, they are stronger than ever. This version has 16 brand new levels, try them right now and destroy the Gummy's with big towers and great upgrades!

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  • Jacksmith
    Jacksmith 87%

    Jacksmith is the craftiest donkey in all the land. In Jacksmith, you are a blacksmith crafting a wide range of weapons for all of your warriors. Crafting weapons is completely hands-on. Choose your ore, choose your mold, melt it, pour it, construct it, and design it. Whether it's swords, bows, arrows, axes, or others things, you'll need skills and strategy to make the perfect weapon. After crafting, it's off to battle with your team of warriors. As they fight, you gather loot and man the cannons, and keep making progress towards the Great Wizard Dudley!

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  • Bowman 2
    Bowman 2 76%

    Bow Man 2 is another turn based bow shooting game. Master the art of shooting a bow and arrow with your mouse! Play vs. the computer or a friend, try to take the other archer down. But remember, each shot may be your last!

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  • Snake Squad
    Snake Squad 66%

    Make your supreme squad and survive in battlefield as long as you can. Collect loot and upgrade your squad. Have fun!

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  • Endless War 6
    Endless War 6 92%

    Take command of historically accurate tanks in some of the most important battles of World War 2 as you fight for freedom! Upgrade your abilities, call in air support to deliver punishing fire to the enemy, and unlock new and better tanks as you single-handedly turn the tide of battle!

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  • Super Defence
    Super Defence 100%

    War has begun in Space. Enemy ships attacked the Space Station, It is extremely hard job to protect the Station from enemies. Armies are determined to fight back. Super Shooter has come to bring back the glory for diffender, by doing devastating destruction in battlefield. Experience the epic nature of war by using deadly weapons and its excellent upgrades. Declare war with Super Shooter and watch the devastating magic!

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  • Takeover
    Takeover 81%

    For centuries the Rivadis Empire ruled the continent in its shine and glory. But now it fell into necromancers' hands and dying. Time for Takeover has come! Lead one of 3 nations in the battle for Rivadis in this real-time strategy game!

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  • Spartacus: First Blood
    Spartacus: First Blood 92%

    You play as Spartacus, as legend says: a true warrior fighting his freedom out of the gladiator arena. Fight 8 challenging levels, unique boss enemies and beat off your enemies with style in the Cinematic mode!

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  • Bowman
    Bowman 92%

    Bow Man is another turn based bow shooting game. You are an archer, who must aim and fire an arrow at another archer. The object of the game is to draw your bow and try to hit your target before he hits you!

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  • City Siege 3: Jungle Siege
    City Siege 3: Jungle Siege 100%

    The Baddies are back in the third installment of the City Siege games. This time they are trying to take over the Jungle, build your army and put a stop to their antics!

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  • City Siege 2: Resort Siege
    City Siege 2: Resort Siege 100%

    You thought it was all over and went on vacation and then this happens. Those darned baddies are back, but this time they are trying to take over the beach! Look out for the all new Spy, Transport Copter and Veteran. But what's this? The baddies now have tanks, well that's just not fair and if that wasn't enough they have their own helis and veterans too! This is gonna be a challenge!

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  • Alloy Cannon
    Alloy Cannon 83%

    Control the alloy cannon against enemy wave after wave of attack. A variety of weapons you can switch, such as: laser, missiles, bombs, armor-piercing, and so on! There are two ultimate weapon, nuclear weapons, and full-screen flare!

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  • Awaken 2: Rise of Heroes
    Awaken 2: Rise of Heroes 33%

    You are to enter Blue district aka infected zone Romero E5. Your goal is to hold the infected at bay and not let them spread over the city’s borders until the nukes fall from the sky and pacify the infection!

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  • Nuclear Gun
    Nuclear Gun 100%

    Nuke Gun is an addicting and challenging aim and shoot style action packed game. Shoot down waves of machines and robots using your giant gun. Have fun!

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  • City Siege
    City Siege 100%

    The city has been taken over by a hostile army. Build up your army with heavy military hardware and take back the streets - try not to destroy the city while you are at it!

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  • Awaken: Front Line
    Awaken: Front Line 50%

    Your squad was sent into the infected zone as a recon mission. However, things went haywire and your transport vehicle was damaged. Can you survive long enough to repair your car or will you perish under the constant assualt of the infected? Try to fix your car while maintaining a perimeter in the city. Get out of there as quickly as possible time is of the essence!

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  • Billy Makin Kid
    Billy Makin Kid 100%

    Billy is the last man on earth, and the apes are on the way to destroy him. Oh noes! While Billy repopulates the earth, you need to fight off the hordes of monkey minions. Build fighting units, upgrade towers, and keep monkeys from unlocking boss monsters! All of your management skills are needed here. Acquire new resources and combine them to make new fighting units. Now show those apes how we humans roll!

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  • Boxhead: Biever and Baby
    Boxhead: Biever and Baby 100%

    Boxhead: The Nightmare - Biever and Baby is another sequel of Boxead zombie shooter game. This time you'll be kicking many baddies asses with a huge array of weaponry, guns, explosives, airstrikes and other harmful stuff. Play across many battlefields!

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  • The Expendables 2: Deploy and Destroy
    The Expendables 2: Deploy and Destroy 79%

    This classic tower defence game, allows you to choose your squad from the biggest cast of action heroes ever assembled, set up your defences and then blow the enemy to hell, or die a hero. There's an arsenal of devastating weaponry at your disposal, including gatling guns, rocket launchers, EMP blasts, air strikes, land mines and much more!

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