TimeFall Games

  • Quick Escape: Bathroom
    Quick Escape: Bathroom 73%

    Quick Escape - Bathroom is another point and click room escape game. Bad luck has brought you to a bathroom. It is quite nice there actually - but still, you must escape from the room! Solve the mysteries and unlock the safe lock with six keys!

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  • Quick Escape: Office
    Quick Escape: Office 73%

    Quick Escape - Office is another point and click room escape game. You are overwhelmed with work and office is not the place to be anymore - you need a break. But before opening the door you must bend your brain one more time!

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  • Quick Escape: Bar
    Quick Escape: Bar 82%

    Quick Escape - Bar is another point and click room escape game. Your mission is to figure out how to escape the bar. The door you need to open is locked with six keys. Solve the puzzles and collect the keys to escape!

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  • Quick Escape: Jail
    Quick Escape: Jail 81%

    Quick Escape - Jail is another point and click room escape game. Escape from this stinky prison cell by solving mini puzzles and using your logical thinking. Have fun and enjoy!

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  • Squarish Ninja
    Squarish Ninja 86%

    Squarish Ninja is another point and click adventure style puzzle game. Lead the squarish ninja through the squarish world and help him get back his squarish girlfriend. Have fun!

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  • Shoot Shoot Pumpkin
    Shoot Shoot Pumpkin 90%

    Shoot Shoot Pumpkins is an aim and shoot style physics based puzzle game. Help the witch practice her magic skills for the upcoming halloween night while shooting the pumpkins. Have fun!

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  • Kaboom Zombies
    Kaboom Zombies 40%

    Kaboom Zombies is another addicting and challenging physics based puzzle game. Kaboom the zombies off the screen with limited amount of blasts. Do you think you can make it?

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  • Jetfart Zombie
    Jetfart Zombie 80%

    You are going to be the test subject of the latest experiment finding alternatives for a jetpack machine. Can it be the sweet potato?

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  • Where's My Cat
    Where's My Cat 79%

    Mrs. Glick has lost her cat. Now it's time for you to help the poor lady. Visit different locations in this small town and use your detective skills to help her find her sweetheart. Have fun!

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  • Pack It
    Pack It 66%

    Pack It is cut the chain style physics based puzzle game. Pack the balls in this physics game full of awesome mind cracking levels. Are you ready to face this challenge?

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  • Unperfect
    Unperfect 75%

    Unperfect is another addicting and challenging platformer style puzzle game telling a story about father-son relationship. Be a hero for your hero!

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  • Ocean Call
    Ocean Call 76%

    Ocean Call is another point and click adventure game. Help the brave turtle on his journey to reach the ocean safely by crossing all the obstacles the trip has to offer. Have fun!

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  • Go Stewardess Go
    Go Stewardess Go 82%

    After successful completion of the training program you're officially appointed as Stewardess. First day a new job, don't be late! Good luck and have fun!

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