Sports Games

  • Andy the Athlete
    Andy the Athlete 77%

    Your mission is to help Andy the Athlete win the gold medal by using your point and click skills. You have to compete in the ultimate sixathlon, which includes gymnastics, hurdle race, shooting, swimming and long jumping. See if you are good enough to be the very best!

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  • Soccer Balls 2
    Soccer Balls 2 79%

    The Soccer Ballers are back for more puzzle action. This time we have large scrolling levels, and the ability to define your own teams to play with and against. If you like, search for all the hidden coins and trophies, to unlock fun extras and score more points!

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  • BunnyLimpics Basketball
    BunnyLimpics Basketball 76%

    The Bunny Limpics Basketball tournament starts with the final group stage game. Win it, then take your team from quarterfinals to the championship. Pick your team and go for the gold in the Olympic basketball tournament featuring high flying bunnies and real Olympic teams!

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  • Cannon Basketball
    Cannon Basketball 84%

    You shoot basketballs using your cannon while trying to put one in the basket. The game combines classic cannon play with competetive puzzles to give you the challenge you’ve never faced thus far. You will have to find unlocking mechanism for clearing your way to the basket first before you can put a ball into it. On some stages, you will have to use a teleporter to reach the basket!

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  • Swing Soccer
    Swing Soccer 76%

    Single and Multiplayer mayhem! Soccer is more fun when you're swinging from the ceiling and have to avoid tons of deadly obstacles! Swing left and right above a giant pool and kick the soccer ball far down the field into the goal! Play through tons of challenging single player levels or try scoring on a friend in the many multiplayer fields! Watch out for pesky fish, intense waterfalls, and all the deadly things just waiting to tear off your limbs!

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  • Sports Heads: Volleyball
    Sports Heads: Volleyball 80%

    Sports Heads: Volleyball is a challenging arcade volleyball sports game with just heads and hands. Can you beat all 10 opponents to win the sports heads trophy? Good luck volleyball heads!

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  • Pumpkin Head Rider 2
    Pumpkin Head Rider 2 75%

    Its Halloween again and the Pumpkin Head Rider is back out to scare the kids and get all the candy for himself. Have fun!

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  • Formula Driver 3D
    Formula Driver 3D 85%

    Formula 1 racing season is going strong. Here is your chance to race a formula 1 race car on each on all 20 real world tracks. Each track in this game is a replica of the real world tracks. Test your skills turn by turn. Win races and upgrade your formula racer until you are the best in the circuit!

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  • Pumpkin Head Rider
    Pumpkin Head Rider 100%

    It is Halloween and everyone is out to get their treats. Race through the town scaring off the kids and taking all the sweets in your choice of vehicle. Have fun!

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  • Mad Trucker 3
    Mad Trucker 3 77%

    Upgrade your truck and try to get 100 miles as fast as you can, no matter what gets in your way! Don't forget to stop for gas, food and repairs. Have fun!

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  • Dashing Dave
    Dashing Dave 80%

    Dave the dashing daredevil wants to prove he's even better than Evel Knievel himself at stunts, uphill racing, and retro white-cape costumes. Unfortunately for Dave, the ancient temple he chose as an arena is collapsing, so it's literally a race of life or death! Cover as much distance as you can, pulling macho stunts and escaping devastating earthquakes as you blast through the temple on your bike. Will Dave beat the heck out of death?

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  • Physics Cup: Playoffs
    Physics Cup: Playoffs 75%

    Physics Cup Playoffs is another addicting and challenging physics based puzzle game. Get the ball to the goal by removing the green shapes, while keeping the red shapes away from the ball. It's playoffs time!

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  • American Racing
    American Racing 92%

    Its stock car racing American style. Race over a multitude of different courses and events, from bowl racing, slalom to haddock bashing. Events take place over a racing calendar in your ultimate goal to win the stock car championship. Have fun!

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  • Truck Wars
    Truck Wars 100%

    Gear up and choose your favorite four wheel war machine to race across the wildest terrain performing extreme stunts! Hop in the drivers seat and out perform all the other racers by destroying them. Don't forget to press the Z button when jumping off ramps to gain massive air!

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  • Mad Trucker 2
    Mad Trucker 2 95%

    Upgrade your truck and make your way to your destination no matter what gets in your way, and don't forget to stop for food and gas! Try to set your own record in survival mode!

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  • Physics Cup 3
    Physics Cup 3 75%

    Physics Cup 3 is another addicting and challenging physics based puzzle game. Get the ball to the goal by removing light green platforms/shapes and green players. There are also referees and fans mixed into the game. Have fun!

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  • Mad Trucker
    Mad Trucker 90%

    When the trucking life gets hard, the trucker gets mad! Make your way to your destination no matter what gets in your way, and don't forget to stop for food and gas!

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  • Physics Cup 2
    Physics Cup 2 71%

    Physics Cup 2 is another addicting and challenging physics based puzzle game. Regular people as players. You will have to remove the players and platforms to get the ball to the goal. Have fun!

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  • Accurate Slapshot: Level Pack
    Accurate Slapshot: Level Pack 84%

    Accurate Slapshot Levels Pack is aim and shoot style physics based puzzle game. Try to aim as accurate as you can avoiding different obstacles and taking advantage of them and score a goal. Have fun!

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  • Physics Cup
    Physics Cup 100%

    Physics Cup is another addicting and challenging physics based puzzle game. Your time has come to participate in the biggest football event World Cup. You will have to beat all the 32 physics teams!

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  • Penalty
    Penalty 94%

    Your aim is to score a penalty to progress through the many challenging levels! It won't all be plain sailing though, on the way you'll find unusual obstacles including clowns and cupid to keep you on your toes and test your penalty taking skills. So watch out and shoot your way to glory!

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  • Monster Race 3D
    Monster Race 3D 96%

    Grab the wheel of an off road beast as choose your favorite monster truck machine in 3D. Race in wild areas while performing extreme jumps! Bring it on as you go for the highest score ever, do you have what it takes to drive a monster vehicle?

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  • Go Kart Manager
    Go Kart Manager 100%

    Guide your favorite team through the World Professional Go Karting Series over multiple seasons taking on all aspects of management including sponsors, maintenance, research and development, driver management and race strategy. Hire engineers to improve your go kart and read boss' letters to raise your reputation. Good luck!

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  • Sports Heads: Football
    Sports Heads: Football 85%

    Sports Head: Football is a challenging arcade football sports game with just heads and foots. Can you beat all 10 opponents to win the sports heads trophy? Good luck football heads!

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  • Ragdoll Ball
    Ragdoll Ball 92%

    Play as a ragdoll character and possess the ball by smashing into it using your flexible body. Master these difficult controls and sail through levels of difficult opponents. Play local multiplayer against your friends and family!

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  • Notebook Trial
    Notebook Trial 83%

    Notebook Trail is a new addicting trial game with notebook driving style. Choose your vehicle from the bicycle, motorcycle or ATV, and go through 12 levels with many achievements in this hand-drawn driving game!

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  • Sports Heads: Basketball
    Sports Heads: Basketball 90%

    Sports Head: Basketball is a challenging arcade basketball sports game with just heads and hands. Can you beat all 10 seeds to win the sports heads trophy? Good luck basketball heads!

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  • Billiard Blitz: Pool Skool
    Billiard Blitz: Pool Skool 88%

    Billiard Blitz 4: Pool Skool features a 100% rewritten physics and rendering engine for unprecedented realism. Spin, swerve and screw your cue ball in a series of challenging tasks which are not only great fun, but also coach you in the art of pool, teaching you tricks like combos, carom and kiss shots, kicks and banks. Put your skills to the test in a high score battle against other players!

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  • Sports Heads: Tennis
    Sports Heads: Tennis 90%

    Sports Head: Tennis is a challenging arcade tennis sports game with just heads and rackets! Can you beat all 10 seeds to win the sports heads trophy? Good luck tennis heads!

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  • Billiard Blitz 3: Nine Ball
    Billiard Blitz 3: Nine Ball 80%

    Billiard Blitz 3: 9 Ball was built to be the slickest, most realistic and most engaging flash pool game available. The game features 3D ball rotation, realistic physics modeling, clever artificial intelligence and dynamic lighting effects!

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  • New Star Soccer
    New Star Soccer 88%

    New Star Soccer is a unique football career game that lets you live the life of an up-and-coming superstar. Start out in the lower leagues and work your way to the top by training hard, scoring goals and keeping your boss, team mates and fans happy!

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  • Billiard Blitz 2: Snooker Skool
    Billiard Blitz 2: Snooker Skool 87%

    Billiard Blitz 2: Snooker Skool teaches you how to play snooker through a series of challenges, and lets you practice your break building in freeplay mode!

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  • Drift Runners 3D
    Drift Runners 3D 84%

    Fast paced cross-country racing game, with multiple unlocks, upgrades, and zones. Use the handbrake to drift on bends, and build up boost by getting drift chains. Have fun!

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  • Billiard Blitz
    Billiard Blitz 80%

    Billiard Blitz is a fun pool game with the look , sound and feel of the real thing. Clear the table before the time runs out to move to the next level. Do you have what it takes to master all six levels of Billiard Blitz?

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  • Soccer Jump
    Soccer Jump 75%

    Guide the ball to the goal while avoiding all the obstacles. Collect the stars and use as less jumps as possible for the best score!

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  • Drift Runners 2
    Drift Runners 2 100%

    Sequel to the popular DriftRunners, take on 40 challenges over 25 unique tracks, using 8 distinct upgradable vehicles. Faster, Bigger, Better. Drift and Turbo your way to the top. 80 Achievements to unlock on the way!

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  • Penguins Super Kart
    Penguins Super Kart 50%

    The Penguins have taken a break from all out war to compete in the formula penguin championships. Take control and win the gold. Good luck!

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  • Drift Runners
    Drift Runners 75%

    Great skiddy flash driving game. Race round tracks, defeating opponents to unlock further tracks. But that’s just the beginning. This game is about getting high scores. Anyone can win a race, but can you do it in style? Get points for hitting things, destroying things, and skidding. drift through groups of objects for big score multipliers. Collect coins to upgrade your vehicle in the shop!

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  • BunnyLimpics Volleyball
    BunnyLimpics Volleyball 85%

    The Bunny Limpics group stage is over, now it's time to take your team from quarterfinals to the championship. Each match is to 11 points and you have to win by 2 points. You can pass to yourself twice then the third time it has to go over the net or you lose a point!

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  • Sky Kings Racing
    Sky Kings Racing 68%

    Sky Kings Racing is a 3D airplane driving action game. Get your protective gears on, choose a plane and get ready for the race. You need to pass through a series of checkpoints. Be careful not to crash your plane!

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  • Turbo Golf
    Turbo Golf 85%

    It’s golf like you’ve never played it before. Sure, get the ball in the hole, but this is a race. Hit the ball, then run to where it lands! Fastest time on each hole wins. Collect cash to upgrade your clubs and clothes, unlock new players, and use powerups to beat your opponents!

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  • Rolling Football 2
    Rolling Football 2 60%

    Rolling Football 2 is another addicting and challenging physics based puzzle game. Roll the ball to the goal in each level by dropping the shapes in the right positions and timing the release of the ball correctly. Enjoy!

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  • Desktop Racing
    Desktop Racing 87%

    Have you got the drive to succeed in a fast-paced office environment? Navigate the treacherous terrain of a busy office in this crazy racing game! Collect stars and perform stunts along the way to score extra points and earn trophies!

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  • Skate Mania
    Skate Mania 100%

    You are the new skater in town. Take over the city by pulling insane tricks and scoring as many points as possible. Destroy things along the way as you, jump, flip and smash your way to victory!

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  • Accurate Slapshot
    Accurate Slapshot 68%

    Accurate Slapshot is a fusion of hockey and skills. Aim gently with your stick through the 24 challenging levels. The perfect slapshot doesnt always have to hard, sometimes its better with a smooth toss and sometimes power means everything. Avoid and take advantages of the obstacles, there is no right and wrong, as long as you manage to score!

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  • Amateur Action: Super Fishing
    Amateur Action: Super Fishing 78%

    John Swain's Amateur Action: Super Fishing is an addicting and challenging fishing sports game. Do you like fishing but do not have much free time for that? It's not a problem! Now you can do it from home. Have fun!

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  • Booger Ball
    Booger Ball 57%

    In this funny physics-based volleyball game you help the green bogey to win all matches against its slimy opponent. Jump and haste around the field and try to catch each ball. Don't let the volleyball hit the ground but rather smash it back to the other side!

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  • Rolling Football
    Rolling Football 75%

    Rolling Football is another addicting and challenging physics based puzzle game. Roll the ball to the goal in each level by dropping the shapes in the right positions and timing the release of the ball correctly. Have fun!

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