Role Playing Games

  • Rawr
    Rawr 88%

    Rawr: Battle Against Corruption is a role playing style strategy game. Save the forest and fight off the evil creatures. There are 6 rawrs, 51 skills, 40 ingredients and recipes, 54 mutations, 11 bosses with special boss effects and attacks!

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  • Arkandian Explorer
    Arkandian Explorer 80%

    Arkandian Legends Chapter 3: Explorer is an addictive turn based role playing game. Head back to Arkandia and conquer the Archmage’s Challenge using the all new Enchanting skill. Tons of new dungeons and battles await along with all new loot and spells, explore the deepest darkest dungeons yet while searching for new furniture to swipe to decorate your own house. Create your own custom made magical items using the enchanting skill or seek out legendary artifacts!

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  • Lucky Tower 2
    Lucky Tower 2 76%

    The game tells the story about what happened to our hero Von Wanst before he ended up in the malevolent tower of the original game. If you ever wanted to take control of an attractive fat man, this is the perfect game for you, homefry!

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  • Stick War
    Stick War 93%

    Control your army in formations or play each unit, you have total control. Build units, mine gold, learn the way of the sword, spear, archer, mage, and even giant. Destroy the enemy statue, and capture all territories!

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  • Lucky Tower
    Lucky Tower 79%

    Escape one dangerous tower full of mystery and evil as a brave medieval hero who is seeking nothing but glory and immortality through fate!

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  • Pix City
    Pix City 83%

    Explore Pix City, fight the bad guys and try not to get caught up in corruption and crime! Live your life in this little city, earn money, make friends and enemies. Get rich or die trying. It’s all up to you!

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  • Arkandian Revenant
    Arkandian Revenant 69%

    Arkandian Legends Chapter 2: Revenant is an addictive turn based role playing game. Head back into the fray and save Arkandia again this time against the Revenant! Embark on your journey as either an Arkandian or Necretian, save the world and also fill your coinpurse!

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  • Papa's Hot Doggeria
    Papa's Hot Doggeria 95%

    Grill and serve hot dogs and other stadium snacks in Papa’s Hot Doggeria! You’ve got the best seat in the house at Griller Stadium, which happens to be behind the counter at the hot dog stand. You’ll need to grill dogs and sausages, add toppings and condiments, pour drinks, and pop popcorn for all of the fans at the game!

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  • Why Am I Dead
    Why Am I Dead 75%

    Why Am I Dead? is a retro-style mystery game. You’ve recently been killed. Play as your disembodied ghost, take over control of other people in the hotel and investigate your own murder!

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  • Clash of the Worlds
    Clash of the Worlds 88%

    Clash of the Worlds is another addicting and challenging action packed fighting game. Defend your kingdom! Upgrade your army and fight against barbarian hordes!

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  • Arkandian Crusade
    Arkandian Crusade 55%

    Arkandian Legends Chapter 1: Crusade is an addictive turn based role playing game. Make your place in the history of Arkandia. Thrown head first into the raging conflict between heaven and hell you must choose a side and forever change the fate of the world!

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  • Legendary Thieves
    Legendary Thieves 91%

    They are famous thieves in the world. Who don’t know them? Robin Hood, Goemon Ishikawa, Blackbeard, and Jesse James. Play each of them with 15 different missions and extra missions, use 3 weapons, play up to 60 missions. Steal the treasures, save the princess, kill the guards and the enemy’s boss, and escape!

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  • Secundum
    Secundum 79%

    In the middle of the night loud mechanical noise wakes your from your slumber. A light as bright as the sun shines into your window, and the story begins. Go for all the achievements!

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  • SAS: Zombie Assault 3
    SAS: Zombie Assault 3 81%

    All hell has broken loose and a nasty biotoxin is in air and guess what! You are on clean up duty! Get your Glock and start shooting in this fun bird's eye view zombie shooting game where you are on zombie assault duty!

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  • Hordes and Lords
    Hordes and Lords 89%

    Hordes and Lords is a real-time tactical war game with high quality graphics in medieval setting and unique engine that showing up to 200-300 units, with physics and effects. Have fun!

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  • Iron Ladies
    Iron Ladies 100%

    Iron Ladies is an addicting and challenging strategic action shooter. Help the Iron Ladies rule the battlefield in this real-time strategy game. Have fun!

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  • Pocket Creature PVP
    Pocket Creature PVP 66%

    Pocket Creatures PVP is a strategy style fighting game. Queen Juliet is corrupted by mysterious evil power and World of Pocket Creature has become a world of chaos, fear and slaughter! Again, you are the one to save this world!

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  • Paris Hilton Scary
    Paris Hilton Scary 74%

    It's Halloween and evil Pigsaw will force Paris Hilton to play his diabolic game and face the deadliest terror villains of all times. To assure Paris will play the game, Pigsaw has kidnapped her beloved pet 'Tinkerbell', whom she will recover if she finishes the game!

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  • Apocalipseed
    Apocalipseed 100%

    Apocalipseed is another addicting and challenging strategy game. Create a strong army of mutant plants to destroy humankind. Destroy, defend or attack the enemy. Have fun!

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  • Trick or Treat: Adventure Quest
    Trick or Treat: Adventure Quest 70%

    Little Johnny's Trick-or-Treat: Adventure Quest is another addicting Halloween themed point and click adventure game. Help little Johnny assemble a Halloween costume from household supplies, solve the mystery of his eerie parents, then embark on an epic mission to bring home the most candy!

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  • Salem
    Salem 78%

    Fight hordes of ghosts an unlikely sidekick! Salem is an action packed side scrolling adventure where you get to slaughter demons as a brave young demon hunter! Learn to become a master of your cross boy and torch combo! How far can you get in this epic Castlevania inspired adventure? Be sure to crank up those speakers!

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  • City Siege 4: Alien Siege
    City Siege 4: Alien Siege 87%

    The fourth installment of the City Siege franchise and the first to be set on another planet. Arm yourself with advanced units and lazer guns and take on the evil plants from this crazy world. After all they have valuable gems we need. Oh, and there are also some humans they abducted for you to save. Get out there and kick some alien-plant butt!

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  • Siegius Arena
    Siegius Arena 92%

    Siegius Arena is an action packed fighting strategy game. Blood will be spilt as you fight to the death in a series of arena battles. upgrade your gladiator and fight for your life. Have fun!

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  • SAS: Zombie Assault 2 - Insane Asylum
    SAS: Zombie Assault 2 - Insane Asylum 88%

    You are a member of the elite fighting unit, the SAS. You have training, weapons, speed and cunning. They are an army of the undead. They number more than 6000. You like those odds. Asylum is the next chapter in the SAS: Zombie Assault series. Featuring a huge new map, new and improved zombies, and loads of new weapons.

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  • Monster Saga
    Monster Saga 90%

    Ovest is under attack by wild monsters. Become a monster trainer and freeing Ovest from Prof Mad Dog Lunatic. Features 24 Monster to collect and train, 20 Main Mission, 12 Side Mission, and many more features!

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  • Mecha Arena
    Mecha Arena 88%

    Mecha Arena is an advanced online mecha RPG builder game. The objective of this detailed game is to carefully build, upgrade and maintain your own battle macha robot. Do battle against other mecha's in random and competition battles. Train the skills of the mecha rider, hire staff for the mecha garage, and much more!

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  • Siegius
    Siegius 69%

    Walk the paths of the Roman Legion and the Gallic Tribes. As Caesar and Vercing, you'll lead your armies across various terrains to conquer your enemy. Individual units have unique skills, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. As you progress, you will discover spells that'll unleash devastating attacks on the battlefield. There is no turning back, the road to victory lies in front of you!

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  • Farm Time
    Farm Time 89%

    How much time will you spend to be a successful farmer? Your goal is to save $ 20.000 by growing crops and selling them with the help of your truck, buying new animals that will give you resources and make you earn money. It's farm time!

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  • SAS: Zombie Assault 2
    SAS: Zombie Assault 2 100%

    The zombies are back. Featuring a larger map, more awesome guns, better and smarter enemies. Gain experience and go up ranks to unlock powerful skills, and explore the map to unlock new and even cooler weapons. Are you ready for 30 waves of zombie destroying insanity?

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  • Cloud Wars
    Cloud Wars 92%

    Cloud Wars is an addicting and challenging strategic battle game. Lead your army of clouds to victory in this battle of the elements. Take control of all clouds on the play field to win!

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  • Pocket Creature
    Pocket Creature 87%

    Pocket NT Creature is a strategy style fighting game. Build an army by selecting your favourite monsters and let them fight against enemy creatures. Buy new monsters, upgrade your team and complete all the missions to conquer the pocket creatures' world!

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  • Bots Strike
    Bots Strike 100%

    The Clan War has begun! Choose your Clan and declare a war for bring back your Dominion and Majesty. Use your strategy to build a resources and summon Robot armies and upgrade them to add more strength to fight. Defend your base and attack your enemy with your assault robot, sniper robot, missile robot, and rocket robot. Fight on desert, coast, forest, volcanic mountain, and the facility. Earn up to 115 achievements and much more!

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  • SAS: Zombie Assault
    SAS: Zombie Assault 75%

    SAS: Zombie Assault is all about surviving against waves of undead monsters. Earn money to upgrade your defenses and your guns. As levels progress, the waves of zombies become harder and harder to repel. Can you make it through all twenty gruelling waves of zombie assault?

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  • Spell Storm
    Spell Storm 80%

    Spell Storm is another challenging shooter style action game. Your task given to by your master is to defeat the chaos reaper. You now stand before the castle. Have fun!

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  • Farm Fun
    Farm Fun 83%

    Farm Fun is another addicting and challenging farm management game. Run your own farm. Plant some vegetable or fruit, or sell the chicken egg. Have fun!

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  • Legend of Pandora
    Legend of Pandora 61%

    Legend of Pandora: Chapter 1 is a retro style zelda like adventure game. Save the world in this adventure game with tons of enemies, weapons, quests, level up system, and a huge world to explore. Have fun!

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  • Jacksmith
    Jacksmith 87%

    Jacksmith is the craftiest donkey in all the land. In Jacksmith, you are a blacksmith crafting a wide range of weapons for all of your warriors. Crafting weapons is completely hands-on. Choose your ore, choose your mold, melt it, pour it, construct it, and design it. Whether it's swords, bows, arrows, axes, or others things, you'll need skills and strategy to make the perfect weapon. After crafting, it's off to battle with your team of warriors. As they fight, you gather loot and man the cannons, and keep making progress towards the Great Wizard Dudley!

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  • Endless War 6
    Endless War 6 92%

    Take command of historically accurate tanks in some of the most important battles of World War 2 as you fight for freedom! Upgrade your abilities, call in air support to deliver punishing fire to the enemy, and unlock new and better tanks as you single-handedly turn the tide of battle!

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  • Bit Dungeon
    Bit Dungeon 100%

    You and your wife were captured by demons! You have been trapped in a dungeon for a thousand years asleep. You wake up trapped in cell, grab your weapon and begin the quest to find your wife begin!

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  • City Siege 3: Jungle Siege
    City Siege 3: Jungle Siege 100%

    The Baddies are back in the third installment of the City Siege games. This time they are trying to take over the Jungle, build your army and put a stop to their antics!

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  • City Siege 2: Resort Siege
    City Siege 2: Resort Siege 100%

    You thought it was all over and went on vacation and then this happens. Those darned baddies are back, but this time they are trying to take over the beach! Look out for the all new Spy, Transport Copter and Veteran. But what's this? The baddies now have tanks, well that's just not fair and if that wasn't enough they have their own helis and veterans too! This is gonna be a challenge!

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  • Awaken 2: Rise of Heroes
    Awaken 2: Rise of Heroes 33%

    You are to enter Blue district aka infected zone Romero E5. Your goal is to hold the infected at bay and not let them spread over the city’s borders until the nukes fall from the sky and pacify the infection!

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  • Hobo 6: Hell
    Hobo 6: Hell 90%

    Our dearest Hobo has died and gone to hell! He now needs to face hordes of demons and their master Satan. This should be all in a day's work for Hobo!

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  • Trafficator 2
    Trafficator 2 89%

    Trafficator 2: Road Panic is a fun traffic based skill game. Control city traffic in 15 levels with 3 difficulty levels. Try to pass required number of cars from one side of the screen to the other to move on. Don’t let the cars hit the people, don’t let them crash. Look carefully for the car blinkers. Don’t let the traffic jam becomes too long!

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  • City Siege
    City Siege 100%

    The city has been taken over by a hostile army. Build up your army with heavy military hardware and take back the streets - try not to destroy the city while you are at it!

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  • Awaken: Front Line
    Awaken: Front Line 50%

    Your squad was sent into the infected zone as a recon mission. However, things went haywire and your transport vehicle was damaged. Can you survive long enough to repair your car or will you perish under the constant assualt of the infected? Try to fix your car while maintaining a perimeter in the city. Get out of there as quickly as possible time is of the essence!

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  • Trafficator
    Trafficator 87%

    Control the flow of traffic of a big city metropolis and save lives. Click on motorists to stop them in their tracks, make sure no pedestrians are hit and don't let congestion fill up the screen! They may drive, but you control the roads!

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  • Hobo 5: Space Brawls
    Hobo 5: Space Brawls 100%

    Hobo has been abducted by aliens and finds himself on a UFO in deep space. Aliens have used his DNA to clone him and are in the process of making a hobo army. They also drained Hobo of all of his combo moves, so he has to fight aliens and hobo clones to get them back!

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