Puzzle Games

  • Catch a Duck
    Catch a Duck 78%

    Finding a way to catch a duck will be quite a challenge when you have to run away from hungry wolves, angry bears and crazy hunters shooting to everything that is moving. This amazing and yet simple puzzle game will be your new online survival kit boosted with lots of fun!

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  • Mouse House
    Mouse House 86%

    Little mouse can not get to the cheese. Help the mouse! Be careful, because the cat guards the last piece of cheese! Wisely create and remove shelves, use air bubbles, forks, trampolines and many other things to deliver the cheese to the little mouse!

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  • Electric Joint
    Electric Joint 88%

    You have to connect positive and negative Electric Circle one by one, until all of them are connected and a circuit is build. Every couple of levels new features appear and it's getting more and more interesting and complicated!

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  • A Blocky Christmas
    A Blocky Christmas 66%

    A Blocky Christmas

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  • Flooded Village: Xmas Eve
    Flooded Village: Xmas Eve 75%

    Flooded Village Xmas Eve is another challenging brain twister puzzle game. Use your mouse to dig rivers and flip switches to guide water through the village. Water the trees, help the pirates set sail, but make sure all villagers remain dry!

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  • Snail Bob
    Snail Bob 85%

    Snail Bob is an addicting physics based puzzle game. Help this slimy but spirited snail make the journey to his sparkling new abode! Use the tools and hints provided to guide Snail Bob through the treacherous construction site!

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  • Quick Escape: Bathroom
    Quick Escape: Bathroom 73%

    Quick Escape - Bathroom is another point and click room escape game. Bad luck has brought you to a bathroom. It is quite nice there actually - but still, you must escape from the room! Solve the mysteries and unlock the safe lock with six keys!

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  • Gibbets: Santa in Trouble
    Gibbets: Santa in Trouble 86%

    Gibbets: Santa in Trouble is another addicting and challenging aim and shoot style physics based puzzle game. Shoot the ropes to save Santa and his helpers from an evil hangman's noose. Be careful not to accidentally hit Santa instead!

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  • Rawr
    Rawr 88%

    Rawr: Battle Against Corruption is a role playing style strategy game. Save the forest and fight off the evil creatures. There are 6 rawrs, 51 skills, 40 ingredients and recipes, 54 mutations, 11 bosses with special boss effects and attacks!

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  • Symbiosis
    Symbiosis 75%

    We always thought that aliens look like green humans with big heads and huge eyes. We cannot even imagine that aliens look like crystals. Hostile crystals that destroy everything on their sight. And only plants can defeat them. Symbiosis is an innovative game where your main objective is to destroy crystals using powers of your plants. Tons of upgrades, spells and achievements. 15 challenging levels. Have fun!

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  • Monkey Go Happy: Mini Monkeys 3
    Monkey Go Happy: Mini Monkeys 3 90%

    Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys 3 is another sequel of very cute point and click adventure games. Collect all 15 mini monkeys in this installment of the very popular Monkey Go Happy series. Have fun!

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  • Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 1.5
    Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 1.5 70%

    Build a defensive maze with bubble towers to prevent various enemies from reaching the exits on each map. Upgrade adjacent towers to the maximum level and merge them to form mega towers!

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  • Incursion
    Incursion 84%

    Darkness is on the way to enslave this lands and you have to stop it. 27 unique warriors will be available in your army. You will need to move them to where they're most useful at the moment!

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  • Monsterland: Junior vs Senior
    Monsterland: Junior vs Senior 73%

    Monsterland: Junior vs. Senior is a very cute block remover style physics based puzzle game. Help monster junior to wake up his father in the monsterland. Have fun!

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  • Oh Snow
    Oh Snow 86%

    Oh Snow! is another addicting and challenging platformer style puzzle game. An angry snowball is chasing you and you have to find the exit before the snowball catches you!

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  • CP6
    CP6 84%

    CP 6 is a sprite from a game which was deleted from the hard disk. Just before being sent to the trash bin he managed to transfer his bytes to a forbidden sector of the system RAM. However, he must hurry and find his way to the Backup System before the Garbage Collector finds him, or the User turns off the system. To do so he must gather "Access Tokens" which grant him write access to the I/O functions of the Backup System!

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  • Qubed: Mysterious Island
    Qubed: Mysterious Island 82%

    Are you ready to embark on an exciting adventure? Explore the mysterious island by collecting stars and seeking the exit portal. Split into two separate characters to get through any possible tight squeezes!

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  • SARA
    SARA 68%

    S.A.R.A. is a point and click game where your mission is to help S.A.R.A. - the Scientific Android Research Appointment to overcome obstacles and find water on Mars. Use mouse to find and combine items!

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  • Sushi Cat 2: The Great Purrade
    Sushi Cat 2: The Great Purrade 90%

    Sushi Cat and his wife are at a lovely parade. Distracted by all the fun, Sushi Cat loses his wife within the crowd. Help Sushi Cat get her back by guiding him to as much sushi as possible. Watch him grow fat as he eats more and more sushi along his way. Fill up his belly to win. Unlock new outfits for Sushi Cat along the way by collecting golden sushi on each level!

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  • Lucky Tower 2
    Lucky Tower 2 76%

    The game tells the story about what happened to our hero Von Wanst before he ended up in the malevolent tower of the original game. If you ever wanted to take control of an attractive fat man, this is the perfect game for you, homefry!

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  • Humbug 2
    Humbug 2 83%

    Humbug 2 is sequel of addicting platformer style puzzle game. Ziggy Fraud wants the crown. He will do anything to make his dream come true. Even if it needs a little cheating. Have fun!

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  • Hood: Episode 3
    Hood: Episode 3 77%

    Hood Episode 3 is another point and click adventure game. The Wolf, having discovered who sent the demons to kill him, plans to hunt down and slay the witch once and for all. Afterwards though he must decide what his next plan of action is to be!

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  • Ultimate Waterfalls
    Ultimate Waterfalls 83%

    The elegant waterfalls are back with the ultimate challenge. Once again your goal is to fill all the containers with the beautiful colors in order to proceed. Have fun!

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  • Maximum Frustration 2
    Maximum Frustration 2 66%

    Maximum Frustration 2 is sequel of a very frustrating and fun platformer game. New level, new graphics and a brand new level editor! Have fun!

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  • Trollface Quest 2
    Trollface Quest 2 79%

    Figure out the hectic puzzles and strange characters and noises they make. But be aware, you’re going to get trolld. If you didn’t think troll face quest was enough, wait till you unlock these point and click puzzles!

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  • The Prince Edward
    The Prince Edward 79%

    King Henry IV had two children - baby Elisa and prince Edward. Prince Edward was an irrepressible child! He gets naughty whenever he became bored, and no one is able stop him. One night in the palace, he got bored again!

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  • Orbox
    Orbox 65%

    Orbox is a traditional puzzle game with a twist. The objective of this free arcade puzzle game is to guide the orbox block to the exit without flying out of screen. Bounce from wall to wall to finally bring the orbox home!

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  • Feed with Brains
    Feed with Brains 88%

    In this game you will meet Mr. Choper. He is a cute little zombie with an unusual appetite. This is a funny physic-based puzzle based on zombies and played by scissors. Use the scissors to deliver Mr. Choper's favorite and only meal; brains. The game has 30 levels packed with a few bloons, bombs, stars and ropes and more!

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  • Dibbles 4: A Christmas Crisis
    Dibbles 4: A Christmas Crisis 84%

    Dibbles X-Mas is sequel of addicting Dibbles series. The Dibbles return once again, but this time our King is on a new Christmas themed mission. Command the Dibbles and help their king safely cross 33 Xmas themed levels. Have fun!

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  • Monster Detective
    Monster Detective 83%

    Monster Detective is an excellent point and click adventure game. A small town has some serious problems. Find the missing girl and slay all the monsters in your path. Have fun!

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  • Transmorpher
    Transmorpher 84%

    Trans Morpher is an addicting and challenging platformer style puzzle game. Find the way to escape from the lab. Switch shapes and abilities and win the game. Have fun!

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  • PaintWorld
    PaintWorld 72%

    Paint World is an addicting physics based puzzle game. A world of paint-creatures has been torn apart. Aim and launch paintballs to connect all the like-coloured blobs in each level. Have fun!

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  • Lucky Tower
    Lucky Tower 79%

    Escape one dangerous tower full of mystery and evil as a brave medieval hero who is seeking nothing but glory and immortality through fate!

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  • Yummy Nuts
    Yummy Nuts 75%

    Slice the strings and collect the nuts to feed little squirrel. Yummy Nuts is a rope based physics simulation with some unique features like piggies, bouncing bumpers and chunks of weight. If you enjoyed the wildly popular mobile game 'Cut the rope' this game is for you!

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  • 3 Pandas
    3 Pandas 86%

    These 3 pandas have been captured by pirates! Help them escape the pirate ship, get through the jungles on the island and past the tribal people that want to capture them. Each panda has a special trick that they can do to help each other through this journey!

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  • Pirates: Arctic Treasure
    Pirates: Arctic Treasure 75%

    Arrgh! Physical puzzle in a funny pirate setting. Cut chains with your sword, break ice, help pirates to get they arctic treasure. Have fun!

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  • Humbugger
    Humbugger 66%

    Humbugger tells the story of Ziggy Fraud who cheats the rules of physics without understanding them in fact. Will Ziggy once more learn the lesson that crime doesn’t pay?

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  • The Wand House
    The Wand House 64%

    The Wand House Escape is another point and click escape game. Adventures in the long halls and in the deep holes. Search everywhere to find items and clues to figure out the game. Have fun!

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  • Jungle Jones
    Jungle Jones 76%

    Jungle Jones is another addicting and challenging point and click adventure game. Help jones to find a treasure in the wild jungle full of traps. Have fun!

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  • Sitting Room Escape
    Sitting Room Escape 70%

    Escape the sitting room by solving tricky puzzles! Sitting Room Escape is an escape the room style game. You need to collect different items and solve several tricky puzzles in order to escape the sitting room. Can you get out?

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  • Balloons vs Zombies
    Balloons vs Zombies 77%

    Kill zombies with the help of knives and balloons in this physics shooter. Your brave hero lost all of his weapons except for the cannon that shoots knives and balloons. Kill all the undead guys and save the humans that are alive!

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  • Tesla Defense
    Tesla Defense 66%

    Need to defend your territory? A tesla tower may be what you're looking for. Climb in your electric tesla tower and get ready to deal some damage to your marauding enemies. Place your towers carefully to destroy the invaders before they can damage your tower. Harness the power of lightning and defeat them all! Each enemy unit destroyed earns cash, which you can spend on upgrades to help kill off even more enemies. It's the ultimate tower defense game, inspired by mad-science genius Nikola Tesla himself!

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  • Happy Christmas Escape
    Happy Christmas Escape 44%

    Santa is delivering presents. He got into house thanks to chimney, but he can not get out through the chimney. You have to help Santa to find another way to get out!

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  • MegaCity
    MegaCity 96%

    Mega City is a highly original and fun one-more-go style puzzle game. Easy to learn, hard to master gameplay which requires thinking, logic and luck. Place requested buildings in the queue to earn points, but watch out: Nobody wants to live next to a landfill site or industrial estate! Everybody wants a nice park or shcool nearby, but the city’s budget is limited. This is where you come in. Megacity is a game of planning and thinking ahead to squeeze the most points of out your citizens by clever town planning. And if it all goes wrong, it’s their fault for electing you mayor, right? Place building tiles on the grid to play the game; but each tile has a different positive or negative effect on it’s surroundings. Once a column has the required number of points, the game advances, giving you more room to build!

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  • Zuck Launcher
    Zuck Launcher 50%

    Zuck Launcher is another addicting and funny aim and shoot style physics based launching game. Collect Facebook coins by launching Zuck with your cannon. Have fun!

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  • Pack Up the Toy
    Pack Up the Toy 60%

    Toy Factory needs an assistant! To do this, the best engineers have created a cute robot that will help run the packaging machine! But he alone can not cope! Help him get to the button!

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  • Escape the Red Planet
    Escape the Red Planet 85%

    Your spaceship has crashed on the Red Planet! Look around everywhere to find useful items that may help you repair your ship. Can you get back home from here?

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  • Factory Balls: Christmas Edition
    Factory Balls: Christmas Edition 86%

    Factory Balls: The Christmas Edition is another sequel of addictive puzzle game. Drag and drop a ball from the Christmas tree over the tools to produce the correct Christmas ball in each level! Complete all the levels, and you can jingle all the way!

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