Platform Games

  • Average Joe
    Average Joe 57%

    Joe has been average his whole life, but after the king calls out to all of the realm's hero's, he is the only one ready to accept the job. His mission is to defeat the puzzles evil wizard has put into his magical dungeons, and find the diamond which contains the happiness of his people!

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  • SplitMan 2
    SplitMan 2 75%

    Split Man 2 is sequel of addicting and challenging platform style puzzle game. Create clones of Splitman by hitting razors. Make stacks from his clones to reach high places. Have fun!

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  • Georganism 3
    Georganism 3 70%

    Help three colorful jelly creatures explore the world by working together. Combine and alternate between the jelly creatures to explore the mysterious islands!

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  • Sparkman: Stop World
    Sparkman: Stop World 90%

    Help Sparkman to complete his mission in this amazing arcade game! You can stop the time and the whole world to come to your aim!

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  • Oh Snow
    Oh Snow 86%

    Oh Snow! is another addicting and challenging platformer style puzzle game. An angry snowball is chasing you and you have to find the exit before the snowball catches you!

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  • CP6
    CP6 84%

    CP 6 is a sprite from a game which was deleted from the hard disk. Just before being sent to the trash bin he managed to transfer his bytes to a forbidden sector of the system RAM. However, he must hurry and find his way to the Backup System before the Garbage Collector finds him, or the User turns off the system. To do so he must gather "Access Tokens" which grant him write access to the I/O functions of the Backup System!

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  • Qubed: Mysterious Island
    Qubed: Mysterious Island 82%

    Are you ready to embark on an exciting adventure? Explore the mysterious island by collecting stars and seeking the exit portal. Split into two separate characters to get through any possible tight squeezes!

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  • Lucky Tower 2
    Lucky Tower 2 76%

    The game tells the story about what happened to our hero Von Wanst before he ended up in the malevolent tower of the original game. If you ever wanted to take control of an attractive fat man, this is the perfect game for you, homefry!

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  • Humbug 2
    Humbug 2 83%

    Humbug 2 is sequel of addicting platformer style puzzle game. Ziggy Fraud wants the crown. He will do anything to make his dream come true. Even if it needs a little cheating. Have fun!

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  • Maximum Frustration 2
    Maximum Frustration 2 66%

    Maximum Frustration 2 is sequel of a very frustrating and fun platformer game. New level, new graphics and a brand new level editor! Have fun!

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  • The Prince Edward
    The Prince Edward 79%

    King Henry IV had two children - baby Elisa and prince Edward. Prince Edward was an irrepressible child! He gets naughty whenever he became bored, and no one is able stop him. One night in the palace, he got bored again!

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  • Dibbles 4: A Christmas Crisis
    Dibbles 4: A Christmas Crisis 84%

    Dibbles X-Mas is sequel of addicting Dibbles series. The Dibbles return once again, but this time our King is on a new Christmas themed mission. Command the Dibbles and help their king safely cross 33 Xmas themed levels. Have fun!

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  • Transmorpher
    Transmorpher 84%

    Trans Morpher is an addicting and challenging platformer style puzzle game. Find the way to escape from the lab. Switch shapes and abilities and win the game. Have fun!

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  • Lucky Tower
    Lucky Tower 79%

    Escape one dangerous tower full of mystery and evil as a brave medieval hero who is seeking nothing but glory and immortality through fate!

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  • Humbugger
    Humbugger 66%

    Humbugger tells the story of Ziggy Fraud who cheats the rules of physics without understanding them in fact. Will Ziggy once more learn the lesson that crime doesn’t pay?

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  • Pack Up the Toy
    Pack Up the Toy 60%

    Toy Factory needs an assistant! To do this, the best engineers have created a cute robot that will help run the packaging machine! But he alone can not cope! Help him get to the button!

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  • Thanks for Playing
    Thanks for Playing 63%

    The entire concept of this online platform game will bewilder you. With time running backwards, you go reverse undoing all your activities through the facility to reach zero point!

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  • Doors: Out of Office
    Doors: Out of Office 75%

    It's 4:58 on a Friday afternoon, and Dave from accounts is desperate to avoid any over-time. He hides in a door marked danger, and doesn't quite realize how much effort goes into avoiding a little honest work!

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  • Maximum Frustration
    Maximum Frustration 80%

    Guide your stickman through the platforms with invisible, fake and death blocks that can lead you to your death! How far will you get before smashing your screen and keyboard?

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  • DuoTasking
    DuoTasking 72%

    Move the robot across the screen to collect bonus items, and destroy enemies with the laser cannon. Be careful though, as whenever you move your robot, this affects your cannon's position as well, and the cannon is very vulnerable to enemies!

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  • Humbug
    Humbug 80%

    Humbug is puzzle platform game, where the rules of logic don’t count. Your main object is to break into the castle, secondary object is to get out. Help this humbug trying to escape the jail. Think out of the box!

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  • Dino Shift
    Dino Shift 82%

    Dino Shift is another addicting and challenging platformer style puzzle game. Help the Dino collect the required number of gummy blocks by changing color and unlock the exit door. Keep him away from the hazards!

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  • Bazooka Boy
    Bazooka Boy 92%

    Time to help Bazooka Boy explore the caves while looking for gold. Blow your way through the caves with your rocket launcher, collect gold and solve puzzles. Complete all 20 levels!

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  • Red Ball 4
    Red Ball 4 76%

    Roll and jump your way through 15 new Red Ball levels as you embark on a mission to save the world from turning square! Have fun!

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  • The Last Dino
    The Last Dino 72%

    The Last Dino is one button adventure about a dinosaur attempt at saving his kind by using a couple of abilities, but only one at a time. Letters are important for the ending. Have fun!

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  • Up to the Roof
    Up to the Roof 70%

    This game is the story about a man who wants to save someone in the building! Your task is open many doors, looking for keys and up of the roof to know who you're looking for!

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  • Green Square Thing
    Green Square Thing 62%

    Every level has exactly one goal: get to the target. But every level has a different set of rules. Puzzles, platforming, dodging, you name it. Shoot from a cannon, bungee jump, sneak past guards, or solve some bizarre puzzle - but get to the target!

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  • Slime Quest
    Slime Quest 87%

    Begin your first quest as a slime to explore the new world full of sweet foods! Fill yours and others' stomach, collect the precious red gems, avoid dangers and get to the exit as quickly as possible!

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  • MiniQuest
    MiniQuest 83%

    MiniQuest: Trials is a 2D platformer with beautiful pixel-art graphics where it takes speed, skill, and fast reactions to beat each level in as little time as possible. Can you beat all the levels and secret levels?

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  • Randobot
    Randobot 73%

    Sometimes we must deal with faulty systems. Even when the Universe is at stake. Lead the glitchy robot to the core and collect energy pellets to fix him along the way. Complete the 8 levels to unlock Hard Mode, with new areas and a different ending!

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  • Red Ball 3
    Red Ball 3 92%

    Roll and jump your way through each hazard-filled level of this physics-based platformer. Help Red Ball save his kidnapped girlfriend as you make your way through 20 fun-filled levels. Have fun!

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  • Dolly the Sheep
    Dolly the Sheep 75%

    Help little Dolly to escape from evil scientists and lead her to the exit in this fascinating puzzle adventure game. A fun 40 levels of challenging puzzle. Have fun!

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  • Flawed Dimension
    Flawed Dimension 85%

    Two boys got lost in the forest and were taken to another dimension. Transformed into a hideous creature in a parallel universe they are now looking for a way home. Those 2 as 1 are now coming through a strange place. What was going to follow is definitely terrible!

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  • Angel of the Battlefield 2
    Angel of the Battlefield 2 86%

    The brave rabbit is back to the battlefield. Now he had to save the pilots out of the crashed airplanes. Help him and get the pilots to the doctor's tent. Have fun!

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  • Rail of Death
    Rail of Death 84%

    Escape from a mining tunnel that will explode in two and a half minutes, can you pass the obstacles, defy death and out safely? Have fun!

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  • Home Sheep Home 2: Lost Underground
    Home Sheep Home 2: Lost Underground 87%

    Home Sheep Home 2: Lost Underground is sequel of funny physics based platformer style puzzle game. Guide three sheep through underground mines, utilising their unique attributes to help them find a way out. Have fun!

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  • Red Ball 2
    Red Ball 2 89%

    Bigger, better, stronger, cuter, and more lost than ever. Red Ball 2 is here, and he has lost his beloved crown. Help him play through puzzles, cannons, water, pins, toxic waste, invisible platforms, boats and much, much more on his quest to find the crown. Features 20 action-packed levels, one golden crown, and a Red Ball on a mission to find it!

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  • Bugongo
    Bugongo 88%

    Bugongo is a platform game, where you play as a little green dragon who tries to chase and defend his egg from the dangerous green hills of his world!

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  • Balls of Life
    Balls of Life 81%

    Take your journey from cradle to grave in the happiest of all possible forms: a smiling yellow ball! Get a job, pay taxes. Pay taxes and get a job. Vote. Serve on a jury. Does it sound like fun yet? Did we mention paying taxes?

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  • Red Ball
    Red Ball 75%

    Lifts and thorns. Axes. Ninja on the Bridge? Jump! Pacman? Roll over! Sleep slope. Catapult. It's all in here, together with a Red Ball and 17 fun levels. Have fun!

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  • Salem
    Salem 78%

    Fight hordes of ghosts an unlikely sidekick! Salem is an action packed side scrolling adventure where you get to slaughter demons as a brave young demon hunter! Learn to become a master of your cross boy and torch combo! How far can you get in this epic Castlevania inspired adventure? Be sure to crank up those speakers!

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  • The Visit
    The Visit 84%

    The Visit is another funny side scrolling platform game with six alternate endings. Help the lovely guy to make his way to visit his girlfriend. Beware of crabs and weird happenings. Have fun!

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  • Tofu Ninja
    Tofu Ninja 87%

    Hey, ninja, are you ready for an extreme test of jitsu? A stylish blend of platforming, puzzles and epic boss fights awaits. Have fun!

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  • City Siege 4: Alien Siege
    City Siege 4: Alien Siege 87%

    The fourth installment of the City Siege franchise and the first to be set on another planet. Arm yourself with advanced units and lazer guns and take on the evil plants from this crazy world. After all they have valuable gems we need. Oh, and there are also some humans they abducted for you to save. Get out there and kick some alien-plant butt!

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  • Walkabot
    Walkabot 66%

    You have to walk the robots to the light by giving them the orders which scroll under the platform. Will you be able to choose the right actions for the platforms and for the edges?

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  • NT Creature 2
    NT Creature 2 75%

    NTCreature2 is an epic action tower defense game with lovely graphic style! Raise your creature and build towers to defend against.Total of 28 creatures, 10 towers, and 6 different game mode! Each creature has unique attack and ability!

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  • Frozy and Fred
    Frozy and Fred 86%

    Help the hero to return the stolen candy! The best traditions of the platform genre. Storyline, boss battles, secrets, achievements, intuitive controls, a great challenge and two friends. Have fun!

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  • Fluffy Steel
    Fluffy Steel 93%

    Fluffy Steel is another addicting and challenging brain twister puzzle game. Find the way to kill all zombies by your blades. Have fun!

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