Halloween Themed Games

  • Pumpkin Head Rider 2
    Pumpkin Head Rider 2 75%

    Its Halloween again and the Pumpkin Head Rider is back out to scare the kids and get all the candy for himself. Have fun!

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  • Pumpkin Shot
    Pumpkin Shot 100%

    The green pumpkins are really angry. Every year the orange pumpkins are the king of the Halloween seasson but, this year, something is changing. Throw green pumpkins against the oranges and try to be this year's hero!

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  • Bounzy Halloween
    Bounzy Halloween 93%

    Bounzy Halloween is a sequel to the addictive shooting series. In each level you have to kill Halloween zombies, scary monsters and animals. Note that you'll have to shoot some objects to kill the enemies in some levels. Have fun!

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  • Paris Hilton Scary
    Paris Hilton Scary 74%

    It's Halloween and evil Pigsaw will force Paris Hilton to play his diabolic game and face the deadliest terror villains of all times. To assure Paris will play the game, Pigsaw has kidnapped her beloved pet 'Tinkerbell', whom she will recover if she finishes the game!

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  • Gatuno in Halloween
    Gatuno in Halloween 74%

    Gatuno in Halloween is another point and click adventure game. Your cat has been turned into stone by an evil witch. You must find the 3 ingredients to neutralize the spell. Have fun!

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  • Pumpkin Patterns
    Pumpkin Patterns 83%

    Pumpkin Patterns is a brain twister memory style puzzle game. Rotate the carvings until it matches each picture. The closer your picture looks like the original, the better your score!

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  • Dark Soul
    Dark Soul 81%

    Dark Soul: Path of Awakening is another action packed first person shooter. Breath-taking adventure set in grim world of madness made reality, fighting the hordes of horrible monsters, wide variety of weapons, abilities, and really cool game-play!

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  • Emily and the Magic Maze
    Emily and the Magic Maze 79%

    Emily's got herself into a pickle in this fun Halloween game. She's trapped in a magic maze and must escape, somehow. Use the arrow keys to navigate the labyrinth, avoiding bouncing pumpkins, traps, and other freaky obstacles along the way. Curiosity killed the cat - don't let it get the best of this cute little witch!

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  • Trick or Treat: Adventure Quest
    Trick or Treat: Adventure Quest 70%

    Little Johnny's Trick-or-Treat: Adventure Quest is another addicting Halloween themed point and click adventure game. Help little Johnny assemble a Halloween costume from household supplies, solve the mystery of his eerie parents, then embark on an epic mission to bring home the most candy!

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  • Pumpkin Head Rider
    Pumpkin Head Rider 100%

    It is Halloween and everyone is out to get their treats. Race through the town scaring off the kids and taking all the sweets in your choice of vehicle. Have fun!

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  • Dark Ride Escape
    Dark Ride Escape 71%

    You just entered the abandoned dark ride full of ghosts and evil souls. It seems the garlic around your neck is not going to help you out this time. Have fun!

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  • Emma: A Friend at Hallows Eve
    Emma: A Friend at Hallows Eve 74%

    Emma’s Halloween is a difference spotting adventure and is the companion game to Lilith’s Halloween. 12 colorfully illustrated levels will delight children and parents alike as you and your family make up a story for each page. Have fun!

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  • Little Witch's Mess
    Little Witch's Mess 66%

    Alice got a homework at the magical school for young witches. She needs to prepare a magic potion for celebrating of Halloween! There's not much time left before the holiday and Alice needs your help! Help her find all the ingredients and receive an excellent mark for her homework!

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  • Horror Hospital Escape
    Horror Hospital Escape 70%

    Trapped in a padded cell! But you're not crazy, are you? Fortunately, there is a loose scalpel in your room, and that is your first step to getting out. Of course, this joint is loaded with ghosts. And every toilet contains a delightful surprise. So please to connect the dots, complete your tool kit, and make with the escapery!

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  • Haunted Halloween
    Haunted Halloween 66%

    Its that spooky time of the year. The headless horseman wants his head back or he will haunt the town. Help the headless horse man get his head back by using your thinking skills!

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  • Halloween Escape Unmasked
    Halloween Escape Unmasked 70%

    Halloween Escape Unmasked is remake of Halloween themed point and click room escape game. Last year was pretty scary, huh? This year, you have to uncover the truth behind all those ghosts and poltergeists. Use your insane escape skills to see what really scared you last time!

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  • Lilith: A Friend at Hallows Eve
    Lilith: A Friend at Hallows Eve 77%

    Lilith has woken up from a long nap just in time for Halloween. She meets Emma and together they have quite the adventure. Make up a story with your kids as you play through this difference spotting adventure. Have fun!

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  • Shoot Shoot Pumpkin
    Shoot Shoot Pumpkin 90%

    Shoot Shoot Pumpkins is an aim and shoot style physics based puzzle game. Help the witch practice her magic skills for the upcoming halloween night while shooting the pumpkins. Have fun!

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  • Return to Halloween Escape
    Return to Halloween Escape 74%

    Return to Halloween Escape is remake of Halloween themed point and click room escape game. Trapped in the Halloween house again? It's even more haunted than last time. Escape or join the ghouls in the house!

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  • Curse of Halloween
    Curse of Halloween 73%

    A boy has found a creepy old mask and tried it on. The curse casted on the mask has turned him into a monster! In this fun point and click adventure, your objective is to help a little boy find the potion that will help him turn back into a little boy before midnight! Can you help him?

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  • Crazy Haunted House
    Crazy Haunted House 73%

    Crazy Haunted House Escape is a Halloween themed point and click adventure style escape game. It's Halloween night and the evil witch has kidnapped Chavo's friends. Help him rescue them. Have fun!

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  • Catch the Candy Halloween
    Catch the Candy Halloween 83%

    Extend your trusty sticky arm to catch the candies! Use items and imoveable objects to leverage your cute character and move about the level. Have fun completing all 25 levels of puzzle fun!

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  • They Took Our Candy
    They Took Our Candy 66%

    Aliens are ruining Halloween and stealing all the candy! Assemble a team of vengeful Trick-or-Treaters to rid the streets of the extraterrestrial invaders!

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  • Shadow Tag
    Shadow Tag 70%

    You're stuck by a cabin in the woods, but you're not alone. Find your keys, get to your car, and avoid demonically possessed children. Have fun!

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  • Creepy Basement Escape
    Creepy Basement Escape 73%

    You just went into the scary basement of your newly bought residence to get some potatoes for lunch. But you didn't remember to wedge open that stupid metal door - so it fell shut as soon as you've entered the room. Maybe you can find a way to open the mysterious door somehow?

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  • Haunted Halloween Escape
    Haunted Halloween Escape 86%

    TeraLumina's Haunted Halloween Escape is another point and click room escape game. On a scary Halloween night, you're trapped in a frightening room. Can you escape this room of horrors and keep your wits about you? Find and use various items and solve puzzles in order to find a way out. Have fun!

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  • Halloween Escape
    Halloween Escape 67%

    Halloween Escape is another addicting Halloween themed point and click room escape game. Did you need a reason to escape? This joint is full of ghosts and other spooky stuff. Bloody axes? No Like! Please to go home!

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  • Jacko in Hell 2
    Jacko in Hell 2 65%

    Jacko in Hell 2 is a Halloween themed platform style adventure game. Jacko needs to summon the great spirit of Halloween. With new challenges and new dangers will he accomplish his darkest mission?

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  • Hunt for Horror
    Hunt for Horror 57%

    Hunt for Horror is a halloween themed point and click hidden object game. A giant poster filled characters from famous halloween and horror movies as well as a few other spooky stars. see if you can go through the entire list and hunt them all down!

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  • Pumpkin Remover 3
    Pumpkin Remover 3 71%

    Use fire and gravity to solve a new set of Halloween themed physics puzzles. Your goal is simple – remove the rotten and black pumpkins. You can remove the rotten pumpkins by clicking on them. Black pumpkins are a little more tricky though, either set them on fire or make them fall out the screen to get rid of them. One last thing – don’t let any fresh pumpkins fall off the screen. Enjoy!

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  • Creepy Halloween
    Creepy Halloween 66%

    Creepy Halloween Differences is a Halloween themed spot the differences style puzzle game. Find the five differences between the two pictures. Good art work, relaxing effect. Click on the 5 things you find different between the two images to advance to the next level. Enjoy!

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  • Patcha's Halloween
    Patcha's Halloween 86%

    Patcha's Halloween is a block remover style physics based puzzle game. Patcha needs your help. On the Halloween night he starts his hard but fun quest for candies! Remove wooden rounds and blocks to feed Patcha with yummy candies. Enjoy!

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  • Halloween - 5 Differences
    Halloween - 5 Differences 93%

    Halloween - Five Differences is a Halloween themed spot the differences style puzzle game. Find the five differences between the two pictures. Good art work, relaxing effect. Click on the 5 things you find different between the two images to advance to the next level. Enjoy!

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  • Halloween Room Escape
    Halloween Room Escape 68%

    Halloween Room Escape is another new point and click escape the room halloween themed game. In this escape game you are locked in a halloween room and you have to escape there by finding and using items with clues. Can you able to escape the halloween room? Good luck and have fun!

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