Brain Twister Games

  • Quick Escape: Bathroom
    Quick Escape: Bathroom 73%

    Quick Escape - Bathroom is another point and click room escape game. Bad luck has brought you to a bathroom. It is quite nice there actually - but still, you must escape from the room! Solve the mysteries and unlock the safe lock with six keys!

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  • Gibbets: Santa in Trouble
    Gibbets: Santa in Trouble 86%

    Gibbets: Santa in Trouble is another addicting and challenging aim and shoot style physics based puzzle game. Shoot the ropes to save Santa and his helpers from an evil hangman's noose. Be careful not to accidentally hit Santa instead!

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  • Symbiosis
    Symbiosis 75%

    We always thought that aliens look like green humans with big heads and huge eyes. We cannot even imagine that aliens look like crystals. Hostile crystals that destroy everything on their sight. And only plants can defeat them. Symbiosis is an innovative game where your main objective is to destroy crystals using powers of your plants. Tons of upgrades, spells and achievements. 15 challenging levels. Have fun!

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  • Monkey Go Happy: Mini Monkeys 3
    Monkey Go Happy: Mini Monkeys 3 90%

    Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys 3 is another sequel of very cute point and click adventure games. Collect all 15 mini monkeys in this installment of the very popular Monkey Go Happy series. Have fun!

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  • Incursion
    Incursion 84%

    Darkness is on the way to enslave this lands and you have to stop it. 27 unique warriors will be available in your army. You will need to move them to where they're most useful at the moment!

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  • Monsterland: Junior vs Senior
    Monsterland: Junior vs Senior 73%

    Monsterland: Junior vs. Senior is a very cute block remover style physics based puzzle game. Help monster junior to wake up his father in the monsterland. Have fun!

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  • SARA
    SARA 68%

    S.A.R.A. is a point and click game where your mission is to help S.A.R.A. - the Scientific Android Research Appointment to overcome obstacles and find water on Mars. Use mouse to find and combine items!

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  • Lucky Tower 2
    Lucky Tower 2 76%

    The game tells the story about what happened to our hero Von Wanst before he ended up in the malevolent tower of the original game. If you ever wanted to take control of an attractive fat man, this is the perfect game for you, homefry!

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  • Humbug 2
    Humbug 2 83%

    Humbug 2 is sequel of addicting platformer style puzzle game. Ziggy Fraud wants the crown. He will do anything to make his dream come true. Even if it needs a little cheating. Have fun!

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  • Monster Detective
    Monster Detective 83%

    Monster Detective is an excellent point and click adventure game. A small town has some serious problems. Find the missing girl and slay all the monsters in your path. Have fun!

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  • Transmorpher
    Transmorpher 84%

    Trans Morpher is an addicting and challenging platformer style puzzle game. Find the way to escape from the lab. Switch shapes and abilities and win the game. Have fun!

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  • Lucky Tower
    Lucky Tower 79%

    Escape one dangerous tower full of mystery and evil as a brave medieval hero who is seeking nothing but glory and immortality through fate!

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  • Yummy Nuts
    Yummy Nuts 75%

    Slice the strings and collect the nuts to feed little squirrel. Yummy Nuts is a rope based physics simulation with some unique features like piggies, bouncing bumpers and chunks of weight. If you enjoyed the wildly popular mobile game 'Cut the rope' this game is for you!

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  • 3 Pandas
    3 Pandas 86%

    These 3 pandas have been captured by pirates! Help them escape the pirate ship, get through the jungles on the island and past the tribal people that want to capture them. Each panda has a special trick that they can do to help each other through this journey!

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  • Humbugger
    Humbugger 66%

    Humbugger tells the story of Ziggy Fraud who cheats the rules of physics without understanding them in fact. Will Ziggy once more learn the lesson that crime doesn’t pay?

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  • Sitting Room Escape
    Sitting Room Escape 70%

    Escape the sitting room by solving tricky puzzles! Sitting Room Escape is an escape the room style game. You need to collect different items and solve several tricky puzzles in order to escape the sitting room. Can you get out?

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  • MegaCity
    MegaCity 96%

    Mega City is a highly original and fun one-more-go style puzzle game. Easy to learn, hard to master gameplay which requires thinking, logic and luck. Place requested buildings in the queue to earn points, but watch out: Nobody wants to live next to a landfill site or industrial estate! Everybody wants a nice park or shcool nearby, but the city’s budget is limited. This is where you come in. Megacity is a game of planning and thinking ahead to squeeze the most points of out your citizens by clever town planning. And if it all goes wrong, it’s their fault for electing you mayor, right? Place building tiles on the grid to play the game; but each tile has a different positive or negative effect on it’s surroundings. Once a column has the required number of points, the game advances, giving you more room to build!

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  • Zuck Launcher
    Zuck Launcher 50%

    Zuck Launcher is another addicting and funny aim and shoot style physics based launching game. Collect Facebook coins by launching Zuck with your cannon. Have fun!

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  • Thanks for Playing
    Thanks for Playing 63%

    The entire concept of this online platform game will bewilder you. With time running backwards, you go reverse undoing all your activities through the facility to reach zero point!

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  • Doors: Out of Office
    Doors: Out of Office 75%

    It's 4:58 on a Friday afternoon, and Dave from accounts is desperate to avoid any over-time. He hides in a door marked danger, and doesn't quite realize how much effort goes into avoiding a little honest work!

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  • Humbug
    Humbug 80%

    Humbug is puzzle platform game, where the rules of logic don’t count. Your main object is to break into the castle, secondary object is to get out. Help this humbug trying to escape the jail. Think out of the box!

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  • Carnyville
    Carnyville 63%

    Carnyville Escape is another excellent point and click adventure game. Try and gather all the items and use them in unique ways to complete the objectives. Have fun!

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  • Andy the Athlete
    Andy the Athlete 77%

    Your mission is to help Andy the Athlete win the gold medal by using your point and click skills. You have to compete in the ultimate sixathlon, which includes gymnastics, hurdle race, shooting, swimming and long jumping. See if you are good enough to be the very best!

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  • Maama Room Escape
    Maama Room Escape 37%

    Maama Room Escape is another point and click room escape game. In this game, you have to look everywhere to find items and clues for using to escape from the room. Have fun!

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  • Up to the Roof
    Up to the Roof 70%

    This game is the story about a man who wants to save someone in the building! Your task is open many doors, looking for keys and up of the roof to know who you're looking for!

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  • Soccer Balls 2
    Soccer Balls 2 79%

    The Soccer Ballers are back for more puzzle action. This time we have large scrolling levels, and the ability to define your own teams to play with and against. If you like, search for all the hidden coins and trophies, to unlock fun extras and score more points!

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  • Green Square Thing
    Green Square Thing 62%

    Every level has exactly one goal: get to the target. But every level has a different set of rules. Puzzles, platforming, dodging, you name it. Shoot from a cannon, bungee jump, sneak past guards, or solve some bizarre puzzle - but get to the target!

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  • Quick Escape: Office
    Quick Escape: Office 73%

    Quick Escape - Office is another point and click room escape game. You are overwhelmed with work and office is not the place to be anymore - you need a break. But before opening the door you must bend your brain one more time!

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  • An Escape: 3 Rooms
    An Escape: 3 Rooms 70%

    Escape the 3 rooms in order to brake free! Your goal is to escape the 3 rooms in order to see the daylight. You need to gather items, use them and solve different logical puzzles to escape. Are you up to the challenge?

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  • Georg the Ghost
    Georg the Ghost 73%

    George the Ghost is trapped in the creepy castle. Your mission is to help him on his journey finding his way out from the castle. Beware of mirrors and cameras because after all - you are a ghost! Take all your point and click skills with you because it's not an easy task. Good luck!

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  • Furiosity
    Furiosity 71%

    Strip away every layer of the game, not mindlessly, but by logical thinking and in the end the first person to solve every level will win something possibly amazing. And maybe that one person is you!

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  • MiniQuest
    MiniQuest 83%

    MiniQuest: Trials is a 2D platformer with beautiful pixel-art graphics where it takes speed, skill, and fast reactions to beat each level in as little time as possible. Can you beat all the levels and secret levels?

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  • Gnome Sweet Gnome
    Gnome Sweet Gnome 70%

    Help the garden gnome find his treasure! Gnome Sweet Gnome is a puzzle game where you must use your physics knowledge to solve tough puzzles! Your objective is simple; destroy blocks with your mouse in order to solve the puzzle!

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  • Magic Blaster
    Magic Blaster 77%

    Use Magic to blast away the enemies on each level. Use the correct combination of spells and potions on the right material to make the wooden wheel take out the enemy goblins. Have fun!

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  • Terra God
    Terra God 61%

    Terra God is a tower defense game in which you fight the enemy hordes using unique abilities of your towers and powerful combat spells. What makes this especially hard is that the enemy has towers of his own, and these towers give his forces various bonuses, including healing, armor increase and others!

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  • Steampunk Odyssey
    Steampunk Odyssey 69%

    Steampunk Odyssey is another point and click type adventure game. Help Abe to find a way out of the dark mechanical city. Good luck and have fun!

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  • Randobot
    Randobot 73%

    Sometimes we must deal with faulty systems. Even when the Universe is at stake. Lead the glitchy robot to the core and collect energy pellets to fix him along the way. Complete the 8 levels to unlock Hard Mode, with new areas and a different ending!

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  • Zombies vs Penguins 2
    Zombies vs Penguins 2 88%

    Zombies vs. Penguins 2: Arctic Armageddon is another aim and shoot style physics based puzzle game. The Penguins are back to get rid of Mayan Zombies and prevent the foretold Arctic Armageddon! Aim your gun and skillfully ricochet bullets off walls to destroy all the zombies!

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  • Nightflies
    Nightflies 72%

    Use lady beetles to fly objects off the play-field so that nightflies can reach the lanterns in this innovative physics-based puzzle. Have fun!

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  • Quick Escape: Bar
    Quick Escape: Bar 82%

    Quick Escape - Bar is another point and click room escape game. Your mission is to figure out how to escape the bar. The door you need to open is locked with six keys. Solve the puzzles and collect the keys to escape!

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  • The Proposal
    The Proposal 88%

    Tonight's a big night for Josh Bullock. He's planning on proposing to his girlfriend during the Grand Ball at the Orchid Hotel. However Rocco Reynolds, who was her boyfriend fifteen years ago, has something else in mind. Will you make it to the Grand Ball on time?

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  • Flawed Dimension
    Flawed Dimension 85%

    Two boys got lost in the forest and were taken to another dimension. Transformed into a hideous creature in a parallel universe they are now looking for a way home. Those 2 as 1 are now coming through a strange place. What was going to follow is definitely terrible!

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  • Quick Escape: Jail
    Quick Escape: Jail 81%

    Quick Escape - Jail is another point and click room escape game. Escape from this stinky prison cell by solving mini puzzles and using your logical thinking. Have fun and enjoy!

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  • Mushbits
    Mushbits 81%

    Mushbits is a fun and challenging Isometric puzzle game with cute graphics and sounds. Click and drag to select a path for each bunny. Unite them with their like-colored mushrooms. Bunnies can only move on platforms of the same color, co-operate to find a way towards victory!

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  • Monkey Go Happy: Mini Monkeys 2
    Monkey Go Happy: Mini Monkeys 2 88%

    Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys 2 is another sequel of very cute point and click games. Collect all 15 mini monkeys in this installment of the very popular Monkey Go Happy series. Enjoy!

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  • Gabriel the Gladiator
    Gabriel the Gladiator 64%

    Meet Gabriel the Gladiator and help him on his journey from begin a slave to the King Of Colosseum. On your path you'll need to use your point and click skills wisely because of the wild animals, evil soldiers and crazy guards. Good luck on your journey!

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  • Zombie Exterminator Level Pack
    Zombie Exterminator Level Pack 91%

    Zombie Exterminator: Level Pack is sequel of physics based puzzle game. Get rid of the zombies by hitting them with different objects such as wooden crates, wheels and arrows. Have fun!

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  • Zombies vs Penguins
    Zombies vs Penguins 90%

    Zombies vs. Penguins is another aim and shoot style physics based puzzle game. Aim your gun and skillfully ricochet bullets off walls to destroy all the zombies in each level. Have fun!

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