BeardShaker Games

  • NoNoSparks: The Ark
    NoNoSparks: The Ark 92%

    NoNo Sparks: The Ark is a brain teasing logical puzzle game. Dr. Dog and Dr. Viled are back for a brand new episode in the NoNoSparks universe! This time the goal of the game is to create and board NoNoah's Ark before the Flood is coming by solving logical puzzles!

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  • NoNoSparks: Genesis
    NoNoSparks: Genesis 64%

    NoNo Sparks: Genesis is a brain teasing logical puzzle game. Be part of the genesis. The goal of the game is to create a complete world step by step, including flora, fauna, humans and even dinosaurs, through solving logical puzzles based on nonograms. The beautiful and humorous graphics and characters offer a charming appeal. The unique reward-mechanic and the tried-and-tested, addictive puzzle gameplay create a flow that invites you back to yet another and another playing session!

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  • Captain Steelbounce
    Captain Steelbounce 100%

    Captain Steel Bounce is an addicting pinball style skill game. It's a timed game where you have to get as many points as possible in the level and that's where the challenge comes in because you can fire 3 steel balls at once!

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  • Tanooky Tracks
    Tanooky Tracks 74%

    Tanooky Tracks is an original point and click game with wonderful hand-drawn graphics, catchy music and and lots of puzzling goodness! Tanookys are playful spirits that like to posess things that resemble their unique personalities the most. Use the hints in your hintbook to find the hiding places of all twelve of them. Every Tanooky has certain features or likings that can be used to lure it out!

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